Houston, TX
MAY 21 - 22, 2018

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Preliminary Agenda 2018

The 6th Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Executive Forum brochure is currently in design. Please feel free to check out last year's brochure to see what you can expect for 2018.

Early confirmed speakers include:

  • James Morrison - Houston Cyber Task Force, FBI
  • Kurt Haberstroh - Supervisor, Cybersecurity Operations Center, Phillips 66
  • Michael Lewis - Senior Staff Security Strategist, Chevron
  • Lauren Goodwin, Upstream | GPO & UEC | Digital Security and Risk Officer, BP

Exclusive Content

The Most Common Cyber Security Weakness in Oil & Gas

We asked Senior Security Engineer at NIST, Jim McCarthy, to give us a hotfix to the industry’s most common problem. He sat down with various cyber security professionals to ask them what their most pressing cyber security problem was - this is what they told him. Jim will be speaking about these findings, as well as NIST's progress on their latest cyber security standards, at the summit.

High Standards

We sat down with summit speaker Jim McCarthy of NIST fame to pick his brain on the most common cyber security issues, NIST's progress and priorities in creating industry-wide standards, and the state industry at large.

Challenges, Priorities and Security: The Devon Energy Story

We had a chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with Nate Graham, Senior IT Manager, Devon Energy recently, in which he discusses end user awareness and training, as well some of the major challenges and priorities in his role with Devon Energy

Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Past Presentations

In preparation for Cyber Security for Oil & Gas 2018, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:

  • Massively Scalable Access Control for IT/OT Cross-Domain Networks, Dr. Ernest Hampson, Director of the Jacobs Cyber Innovation Laboratory
  • Understanding the Convergence of OT and IT & How a Unified Security Programs Can Augment Cyber Security,  Daniel Crandell, Supervisor at Cyber Security Enterprise Products
  • Auditing Industrial Control Systems, Kamal Khan, Independent Consultant

The Threat of Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure makes up the backbone of our nation's economy, security, and health. The nation's critical infrastructure encompasses services that protect the most critical functions of American society, both physical and virtual, from the power in our homes, to the water and food that we consume, to the transportation systems we rely upon to function daily. Should any part of America's critical infrastructure be crippled, the nation's overall security and health would be in imminent danger, and society as a whole would face the threat of collapse.

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Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Past Attendee Snapshot

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Past Presentations

Understanding the Convergence of OT and IT & How a Unified Security Programs Can Augment Cyber Security

Daniel Crandell, Supervisor at Cyber Security Enterprise Products, presents on developing methods for obtaining actionable intelligence, analyzing both corporate and industry data to obtain a predictive threat analysis, and keeping cyber efforts in balance with the growth of a company.

Massively Scalable Access Control for IT/OT Cross-Domain Networks

Dr. Ernest Hampson, Director of the Jacobs Cyber Innovation Laboratory, presents on access control for IT/OT cross-domain networks.

Auditing Industrial Control Systems

Kamal Khan, Independent Consultant, presents on understanding how to encourage and embrace the culture of cybersecurity, learning how to combat corporate cyber negligence, and illustrating the international viewpoint on industrial cybersecurity.


Top 20 Cyber Security Investment Areas for Critical Infrastructure

IQPC Exchange gathered input from 21 senior level executives within the critical infrastructure industry what investments they were planning on making to help keep their facilities secure from cyber attacks. All investment plans include intent to purchase within 24 months.

Critical Infrastructure: Recent Cyber Security Threat Incidents

Just how big is the cyber security threat to critical infrastructure? Take a visual look at the threat landscape.

Past Presentations

Four Generations of Security Devices – Striking The Right Balance

Anantha Bangalore, Chief Architect at SCIT Labs, discusses cyber risk models, perimiter and proactive defenses, and the top 10 cyber security threats for oil and gas.

Boardroom Rodeo: How to Make Your CISO a Success

John McLaughlin, Executive Security Architect for North America at IBM Security, discusses CISO Strategy for the Oil and Gas Industry and what the CISO can do for the C-Execs.


Cyber Security: Are You Really Doing The Best You Can?

In a year when public and private sector cyber attacks have gripped the headlines on a monthly basis, there is no doubt that the digital domain is now one of the most dangerous battlegrounds in the modern era. On the back of 2014’s groundbreaking study, Is Your Company's Cyber Security Actually Good Enough?, we have, once again, teamed up with FOX-IT and our now 127,000 members at Oil & Gas IQ,to follow up on where we left off. Alarmingly, some of the threats that the oil and gas industry is dealing with seem to have got worse, whilst the response to these problems has also not improved….


Cyber Oil and Gas Strategic Investment Report

Within this report, you will find key statistical analyses of a targeted portion of our Cyber Oil & Gas delegation including but not limited to budgets, seniority level and budgetary discretion, priority investment areas, timelines for action, and current solutions requiring upgrades.

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